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Garmin Nuvi205w

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Garmin Nuvi260w

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Garmin GPS Navigation

Garmin started in 1989 with an idea to improve everybodys life. Their first product was a global positioning system. The range of innovative products span across automotive, aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation and wireless applications. Garmin International is a member of Garmin Ltd which trades in the nasdaq under the code GRMN.

Garmin develops products that help make life simpler. Automotive products help drivers reach their destination in the quickest possible time while getting the most out of the journey. Marine units used with detailed charts can help fisherman navigate the oceans. Aviation technology provides everything pilots need at a glance with state of the art postioning devices. Wireless applications bring the power of GPS to your smart mobile phone.

GPS Model: Garmin Nuvi255
Garmin Nuvi255 Screen Size: 3.5 inch touchscreen
Garmin Nuvi255 Features: spoken street names, stores 500 favorite locations, automatic routing capabilities, 500,000 points of interest, pedestrian mode
Garmin Nuvi255 Is Available: 1/03/2010
Garmin Nuvi255 Can be purchased from: Dick Smith Electronics
Garmin Nuvi255 Price: $164.00

GPS Model: Garmin Nuvi265
Garmin Nuvi265 Screen Size: 4.3 Inch widescreen
Garmin Nuvi265 Features: Spoken street names, handsfree bluetooth calling, over 500,00 points of interest, latest Australia-wide maps, free downloadable speed and safety cameras, pedestrian mode for navigation on foot, 60 days Numap guarantee.
Garmin Nuvi265 Is Available: 21/01/09
Garmin Nuvi265 Can be purchased from: Dick Smiths
Garmin Nuvi265 Bonus: Accessory pack that includes hard case, car double adapter, screen cleaner.
Garmin Nuvi265 Price: $439.00

GPS Model: Garmin Nuvi 260W
Garmin Nuvi 260W Screen Size: 4.3 inch touch screen
Garmin Nuvi 260W Features: text to speech, spoken street names, custom POI function, 12 months warranty
Garmin Nuvi 260W Is Available: 1/12/2008
Garmin Nuvi 260W Can be purchased from: Super Cheap Auto
Garmin Nuvi 260W Price: $319.00

GPS Model: Garmin Nuvi 250
Garmin Nuvi 250 Screen Size: 3.5 inch touch screen
Garmin Nuvi 250 Features: turn by turn directions, 3d mapping, automatic routing capabilities, 500,000 points of interest
Garmin Nuvi 250 Is Available: 1/10/2008
Garmin Nuvi 250 Can be purchased from: Dock Smiths
Garmin Nuvi 250 Price: $228.00

GPS Model: Garmin NUVi 760
GPS Description: Garmin NUVi 760 features bluetooth, red light and fixed speed camera alert, 4.3 inch screen and voice guided directions.
GPS Price: Garmin NUVi 760 costs $567 with a $100 cashback.
GPS Date Available: Garmin NUVi 760 is available from the 15/08/2008
Where to buy GPS?: Garmin NUVi 760 can be purchased from Harvey Norman QV.

GPS Model: Garmin Nuvi 660
GPS Description: Bluetooth handsfree car kit, FM transmitter: hear voice guidance through your car stereo, 4.3 inch wide "touch" screen, bluetooth handsfree car kit, FM wireless transmitter for car stereo, spoken street names, MP3 player, red-light and speed camera support.
GPS Price: Garmin Nuvi 660 costs $599
GPS Date Available: Garmin Nuvi 660 is available from the 1/09/2008
Where to buy GPS?: Garmin Nuvi 660 can be purchased from Dick Smiths Electronics.

Dick Smiths Electronics can be found in most major shopping centres in Australia including Chadstone.