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Navman GPS

Navman started in 1986 as a New Zealand based company called Talon Technology. Navman (as the company became known in the 1990s) is a GPS systems company providing stand-alone GPS system units, OEM GPS modules for mobiles, GPS software for Palm handhelds, PDAs, Smartphones and Pocket PCs, automotive navigation systems and marine navigation systems for use at sea.

The Navman Marine division designs and manufactures fish finders, sonar, VHF radios, autopilots and sailing instruments and was sold by Brunswick to the Norwegian company Navico in April 2007. Navman GPS products are for serious personel who demand reliability and durability in the harsh conditions of the sea and outback.

GPS Model: Navman Platinum S150
Navman Platinum S150 Screen Size: 4.3 Inch Touchscreen
Navman Platinum S150 Features: Clear Australian spoken street names, bluetooth handsfree calling.
Navman Platinum S150 Is Available: 1/5/2009
Navman Platinum S150 Can be purchased from: SuperCheap Auto
Navman Platinum S150 Price: $369.00

GPS Model: Navman S200
Navman S200 Screen Size: 4.3 Inch glide touchscreen
Navman S200 Features: Spoken street names, bluetooth handsfree calling, FM transmitter, MP3, FM Radio, Picture and Video player, 3D landmarks, 3D junction views, advanced lane guidance, premium safety alerts, school zones, safety cameras, accident black spots, latest map guarantee, mileage reporter.
Navman S200 Is Available: 21/01/09
Navman S200 Can be purchased from: Dick Smiths
Navman S200 Bonus: AC Home Charger
Navman S200 Price: $496.00

GPS Model: Navman S100
Navman S100 Screen Size: 4.3 Inch super flat widecreen
Navman S100 Features: Latest map guarantee, advanced lane guidance, spoken street names, premium safety alerts, school zones, safety cameras, accident blackspots, mileage reporter.
Navman S100 Is Available: 21/01/09
Navman S100 Can be purchased from: Dick Smiths
Navman S100 Bonus: AC Home Charger
Navman S100 Price: $398.00

GPS Model: Navman F15
Navman F15 Screen Size: 3.5 Inch touch screen
Navman F15 Features: Preloaded safety camera alerts, petrol shortcuts, simple to use and 2008 Sensis mapping data. Slim design. 2 year warranty
Navman F15 Is Available: 11/03/2009
Navman F15 Can be purchased from: Kmart
Navman F15 Price: $198.00
Navman F15 also available from Big W for $238 from the 5/11/2008

GPS Model: Navman F10
Navman F10 Screen Size: 3.5 inch touch screen
Navman F10 Features: turn by turn voice navigation, 3d moving maps, shortest and quickest route options, 2 year warranty
Navman F10 Is Available: 1/10/2008
Navman F10 Can be purchased from: Dock Smiths
Navman F10 Price: $198.00

GPS Model: Navman S35
Navman S35 Screen Size: 3.5 inch touch screen
Navman S35 Features: fixed speed and red light camera alerts, turn by turn voice guidance, latest 2008 maps included
Navman S35 Is Available: 1/10/2008
Navman S35 Can be purchased from: Dock Smiths
Navman S35 Price: $278.00

GPS Model: Navman S30
GPS Description: Easy to navigate 3.5 inch touch screen navigation system. 2 year warranty. Includes 2008 Mapping Upgrade
GPS Price: Navman S30 costs $249
GPS Date Available: Navman S30 is available from the 15/08/2008
Where to buy GPS?: Navman S30 can be purchased from Repco.

GPS Model: Navman S90
GPS Description: 4.3 inch touch screen, bluetooth handsfree mobile calling, over 500,000 points of interest, pre-loaded speed & red light camera warnings, integrated 2mp navpix camera, spoken street names and 2 year warranty.
GPS Price: Navman S90 costs $586
GPS Date Available: Navman S90 is available from the 1/09/2008
Where to buy GPS?: Navman S90 can be purchased from Dick Smiths Electronics.